About us

Sari Leinonen


Reiki Master, Mindfulness instructor

Ikivalkea Retreats Finland


Certified Yoga Teacher


Ikivalkea philosophy

The prefix iki indicates something ancient or ceaseless, as in ikivanha which translates very old. You can use iki- to emphasize other qualities as well, like in ikioma (my very own) or iki-ihana (very, very lovely) or ikiaika (all eternity referring to time).

Valkea for its part is an old-fashioned word that is rarely used in everyday language. However, substantive valkea might refer to light or campfire. Adjective valkea means simply white.

For us ikivalkea corresponds with eternal light. It represents archaic wisdom, all-pervasive knowledge that has always been, and that will continue to be for all eternity.

It means wisdom that is hidden in our hearts and residing in our souls. Unfortunately, it gets shadowed by our restless minds, repressed emotions and ignorant behaviour.

Luckily enough, it can be revealed by sounds of silence and whispers of wind. Manifested in works of art and genuine expression, emotion and sharing with each other. Unveiled by those rare moments of clarity.

Ikivalkea events and services are built up so that you could discover the eternal light within you. To explore beauty of life within and out.

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