Portrait in the Wild will be designed and photoshot during a fully guided workshop in the nature. First, it encourages you to explore the landscape with all your senses. In addition to external exploration you will have an opportunity to make a journey within.

Our aim is  to capture and express the feelings that arise within you in this process of mindful observation of inner and outer sceneries. Only after this internal work we will choose a suitable location and start designing the potrait.

The workshop is not so much about appearances as it is about self-discovery and reconnecting with nature. Thus, I highly recommend you to  invest in weather-proof clothes. Of course, you can plan and prepare in advance what kind of character you wish to bring forth.

Portrait in the Wild
Duration: 2-3hours
Guided hike + photoshootings + portraits*
Individual session:  189e/person
Small group up to 6: 129e/person

1 hour photoshoot: 119e

If you prefer camera work for modelling, that is also possible once you bring along  your own system camera equipment. Together we can develop ideas regarding camera settings, compostition, perspective, posturing and so on.

*With portrait we mean High-resolution digital copy of 2-3 individual/pair/group portraits with full rights to print and publish them in private (=non-commercial) use. Additional photos 39e/each.

Your guide Sanna Gyllene Kyllönen teaches photography at the community school in Kuhmo. She also makes promotion photoshoots for local enterprises. Due to her other profession as yoga teacher, her interest lies in the reflection  – or sometimes a contradiction – of the Self that appears to be seen in the model’s face, posture and other external statements.

sanna(at)ikivalkea.fi or +358 400 677 667.
You’ll find some photoscenic inspiration at Sanna’s Instagram as well as Ikivalkea Photo Gallery.