Ikivalkea Retreats Finland welcomes you to Self-discovery and Reconnection with Nature in the most wonderful of settings, at carefully chosen landscapes of Finland.

Ikivalkea Retreats allow you to rest and detach from everyday obligations. Indulge in the healing powers of mother Nature and discover silence within and out.

In addition to personal landscape, you will get a view on Finnish way of life. You will have opportunity to familiarize with local gastronomic specialities, experience sauna and if brace enough, dip in a frozen lake.


Ikivalkea retreats build on work that we do with our body, mind and expression. We learn to find the exrtra-ordinary qualities beyond ordinary moments of life. Our methods are derived from eastern yoga tradition, more recent mindfulness practice and ecological worldview of Finno-Ugric people.

You will learn how conscious presence in forest or by a lake can give you unexpected peace, strength and clarity of mind. Expressing feelings through word, image and movement release inner tensions and enable natural healing processes to kick off.

Whatever chosen exercise, it will always be safe and respect free will of the individual. We believe in encouragement and joy to enhance your wellbeing. Have a look on our references page to get glimpses on our customer feedback.

Destinations & services

Our destinations are situated in the rather remote corners in north-east of Finland, more precisely in Kainuu county and east of Lapland. Our carefully chosen locations in immediate nature settings are free from noise and rush.

Depending on catering partner and type of retreat we’ll provide you with local specialities be it ordinary meal or more luxurious feast. Traditional Finnish sauna experience with a dip in the fresh waters will be part of every retreat.

Nature at its best

No matter fot the season, we will always find the best spots and outdoor activities to suit our retreat. In autumn we will pick berries or mushrooms and perhaps cook at campfire together. In winter months we place an order for northern lights but cannot guarantee a precise delivery. Spring months of March and April feature a sun that couldn’t be brighter as reflected from the snow-white cover of a frozen lake, where you can ski, hike or try your luck in ice fishing. Summer days might seem endlessly long as the sun declines to set.

Wellness services

With retreats that take place in the Wild Taiga Region we can provide you with wellness treatments done by local natural therapists. Available are f.ex. aroma therapy, cupping, herbal treatments, peat treatment and sound healing.

Body. Mind. Source. Reconnected.

The aim of Ikivalkea retreat is  awaken and strengthen spiritual growth within you. Nevertheless, we don’t offer any set of philosophy to follow and welcome people from any background to join our retreat for self-discovery and wellbeing. For, the same light reaches up to and shines within all creation!

We will design a rejuvenating retreat just for You and Your friends for up to 16 people. For your tailored retreat contact us by phone +358 400 677 667 or

Spring on the ground | Photo by Sanna Gyllene