Yoga is a tool for self-discovery and silencing the mind. As yoga teacher and practitioner I am devoted to this goal that guides us towards awakening and ultimately, liberation.

Besides this noble ambition, plenty of things happen along the yoga path. Asana and pranayama practices are designed to purify your body from toxins and keep it fit both physically and mentally. Fit for life, I tend to specify.

With aching body and busy mind it’s not very easy to invite peace of mind to your life. Addictions, destructive manners, harmful relationships, stressful lifestyle – all this, and much more, can be treated successfully with regular yoga practice.

Whereas stillness in mind and body are meaningful fruits of yoga practice, we do, however, work with movement on the yoga mat. As yoga teacher I encourage you to discover and work with your limitations. Sometimes acceptance and patience is needed, another courage and stubbornness gain.

On regular basis I do witness insight arising from within a student. Those moments I know that I am on the right path.

How I teach Yoga

When teaching yoga, I follow classical Hatha yoga tradition with influences from modern styles as well. Classes are a combination of breathing exercises, warming-up, and, a balanced variety of asanas. Depending on the needs of the group. I might build up an easy beginner’s practice, a relaxed class, a dynamic flow, or, challenge you with a more advanced asanas.

When dynamic, I might spice up the sequence with influences from astanga yoga. Once helping students with backache some very specific methods and poses apply. For stress-relief I would build a slow yin-style class. Options are endless!

Each class ends with final relaxation in savasan, the moment for complete stillness in body and mind.

There are several ways to make preparations for meditation to happen. Most often I tend to favour breathing exercises, silent mantras or yoga nidra. Lately, I have started to work with sounds – playing Tibetan singing bowls or performing archaic drumming & humming. These are wonderful tools to help people to reach states of deep relaxation.

My Background

I have studied and practiced yoga since 2007. Ten years later I went through an intensive RYT-200 teacher training at Arhanta Yoga School in Holland. I am very grateful to Yogi Ram, Yogini Kalyani and Yogi Omkar for sharing their knowledge in such a professional way. I gained not only confidence and assisting skills, but also plenty of inspiration to share, and, depth to my personal practice.

Along the years I have studied with several inspirational yoga teachers. With Sirpa Tapaninen I could build a solid base for regular practice. Stefan Engström taught me that often less (effort) is more. Simon Borg-Olivier opened my eyes for creativity of movement. Such luminous is his presence! Manju Jois was my first connection to Indian way of teaching. Anne Nuotio guided my asana practice in more subtle levels. Such a delicate and intuitive is her way!

November 2012 I got introduced to tantric methods with amazing Liz Padmadevi. The meditation practice I adopted from her changed my life completely. A couple of years later I went to India. In the foothills of Himalaya, I found Kulavadhuta Satpurananda, a genuine master in the science of tantra. I am blessed to receive his guidance on the path of yogas.

Sanna Gyllene Kyllönen

Body. Mind. Source. Reconnected.